The Ladybug Lady Home

A home infestation can mean more than a nuisance for most people.  Pests that invade our home can leave a variety of stupid and unwanted gifts, such as fecal matter, bug blood, and nests of eggs.  Ideally, a person would want to prevent their house from being populated by pests because once they come, there is no getting them out without the expertise of someone who has seen it all.  So when it comes to your pest removal and lawn care services, you can count on Ladybug Pest and Lawn for the latest and greatest innovations with eco-friendly techniques.

I remember the days when society used to predict what the new millennia was going to look like.  Fun adventure science-fiction movies like “Back to the Future” and “The Fifth Element” predicted technology like hover boards and flying vehicles, but the reality turned out much different.  The 2000s and 2010s issued in an age in which we could no longer ignore the effects of climate change.  In response, products began to slowly shift over to offering more environmentally friendly options like – Clark, Turner, Clark, Ugott, Banks, Stop.

Although environmental protection organizations may suggest and set standards for the energy efficiency of appliances, that does not mean they have yet found a way to streamline the regulations of eco-friendly processes and services when it comes to the pest control market.  What makes it even more difficult, is that there are so many pests out there, all with different characteristics:  scorpions, roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, ticks, termites, fleas and other general household pests like rodents.  Do not let these critters compromise the cleanliness of your house or risk contamination of staples like food.  Especially if you have pets, we recommend checking inside their food bag to make sure there are no pests trying to steal some kibble pieces or take shelter.

Rather than fumigation using harsh chemicals that were once used in warfare, we at Ladybug use EcoPCO products that are National Organic Program compliant (NOP) along with other natural, non toxic materials.  Our technicians will carefully inject material into the cracks and crevices where pests live, but it won’t harm your children or pets because they will not be able to reach any fingers or paws there.  In addition to solving the problem of existing bugs and rodents, we also take preventative measure to ensure that infestation is unlikely in the future.  Around your yard and house, we can treat the problem in an eco-friendly manner using baits and other responsible materials to create barriers.  We also treat pests where they live and breed, which provides you with the best level of control while using the least amount of chemicals. Lady Bug Pest Control company has been GREEN since 2002.

With an owner with over 15 years of pest control experience and a dedication to being both eco, child, and pet friendly; there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up on your yard errands today.  Whether you need pest removal, prevention, or lawn care services– Ladybug Pest and Lawn have the reliability and responsibility that will create a satisfying customer experience.